Meet Our Team

These are the filmmakers behind the stories

Sean Osorio


From a young age, Sean Osorio had a passion for film-making. During his weekends and summer breaks Osorio would direct elaborate home movies featuring his family and friends. He honed his craft at the University of Central Florida by continuing to make short narrative films. Always experimenting with different camera techniques and storytelling forms. Upon moving to Atlanta, Osorio discovered the growing Free Art Friday movement and decided to shift gears by making a short documentary about the extraordinary artists who make up Atlanta’s Free Art Friday community.

Jordan Chips


Jordan Chipps has been telling stories since he was a boy, using nothing more than a video camera and a handful of Legos. He received his Bachelors in FILM from the University of Central Florida and now resides in Atlanta, GA, editing for an online news network.

Ben Muratet

Director of Photography

Ben Muratet is a Director of Photography based in Atlanta, GA. He is a multifaceted filmmaker that believes in fitting an aesthetic style and feel to each specific project. The more he shoots and explores the world, the more he sees that EVERYONE has their own story. It’s Ben’s goal and passion to express these stories in a visual format so they can engage, inspire, and intrigue an audience.

Elyssa Velez

Creative Director

Elyssa Velez attends the Savannah College of Art and Design, studying Graphic Design, Fashion Marketing, and Photography. She works most frequently on building websites, brand identity, and graphic promotions. Outside of finishing her degree, she works for at SCAD Atlanta Radio as their music director, Bullet Music as their lead designer, and at Java Cats Cafe as a barista and digital media designer. She recently discovered the Free Art Friday phenomenon, and has been chasing drops ever since. 

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