Short Film Festival

 Thank you so much for your interest in our Film Festival! This is meant to be a fun film experience that brings joy to all animal lovers. You do not have to be a professional in order to submit a film, it can be taken on your video camera, I-phone, or any other camera.
Submission Guidelines:

– Short Films should between 1-3 minutes in length including credits

– Films must be made in GA.

– Films can have no more than 3 locations.

– Films can have no more than 4 characters.

– Films must creatively include the presence of a canine

(this could be an actual dog, a stuffed animal, or someone in a dog costume)

– Films cannot contain any violence towards animals either on screen or implied.

(we wish this would go without saying)

– Filmmakers must adhere to the genre they were given at random at registration.

– Payment and Registration Should be submitted by March 15th

-Please download and complete the directions on the registration form to be considered.