Filmmaker: Tyler Falbo


Way past his bedtime, a Little Boy stumbles upon a disturbing video on the internet.


Filmmaker: Ben Gill


After a distressing realization regarding the pet name “baby”, a couple are subjected to a horrifying, natal nightmare.

Filmmaker Bio:

Ben Gill (26) is a recent graduate of the UCF Film BFA program. His award-winning UCF film, ‘Babies’ has screened at festivals such as the Florida Film Festival and internationally at festivals such as the BFI Future Film Festival in London, England. Since graduating from UCF, Ben owns and operates an Orlando video production and motion graphics company, Oxenfree Film & Motion. In his free time, Ben still enjoys making absurd narrative short films.


Filmmakers: Sandra Isacsson & Caroline Wallén


A group of men participates in a music video shoot. The female directors instruct them to eat bananas. But as simple as it may seem, the cast soon find themselves trying to fulfill the gradually more bizarre and challenging requests from the directors. How far are these men willing to stretch their boundaries? It’s just bananas 

Filmmakers’ Bios:

Sandra Isacsson (b 1981, based in Stockholm, Sweden) is an artist and filmmaker. She holds an BA from University of arts Stockholm, Sweden and has also studied at International Center of Photography in New York. Her film “Males” (2016) won the “Folkets Bio”-award at the Stockmotion Film festival, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Caroline Wallén (b 1988, based in Stockholm, Sweden) is an artist and filmmaker. She holds a diploma in digital media from Hyper Island vocational university. She made her directorial debut with the documentary feature film “The dream of a national team” (2017).


That Smell

Filmmaker: Kyle Lavore

Synopsis:  This unusual comedy takes us into the secretive and persecuted world of book sniffing. Nate is an awkward man who is pulled into the world by Trisha, the underground movement’s leader. She teaches him the ways of the book sniffer while avoiding the villainous shadow men hell bent on stopping them.

Filmmaker’s Bio:

Kyle Lavore is a director and writer who also eats triple the human average consumption of pizza, according to his doctor. A private institution gave him a degree in film and in return, he provided them with a lifetime of student debt. He then began his film career by getting Christopher Walken his tea and lighting Dakota Johnson’s cigarettes. From there, he made several successful films including award winners, “Up A Hill” and “That Smell”. From this work, he has received honors from The Jerome Foundation, SHOOT Magazine, and Cinequest, to name a few. He is beginning production on his feature film debut, “Blink” this spring.

Space Wind

Filmmaker: Véronique Vanblaere

Synopsis:  If farts were color coded.

Filmmaker’s Bio:

Véronique Vanblaere, aka Véro, a Belgian artist in Alabama, “vérolutionizes” clothing, draws incessantly, and perks up restaurant menus with her offbeat illustrations, often while traveling the world.
Because old ways won’t open new doors, Véro has many mediums: her extravagant hats and luminaries take part of art installations. She paints murals, writes and directs animation films spotlighting her drawings and puppets.
Her work has been featured at Miami Art Basel, Harvard University and the Cannes Film Festival.

This Is It!

Filmmaker: Karen Leo


A collection of visual first person narratives about doubt, obsolescence, and mental reverb. Featuring puppets, animated characters and disembodied voices, these stories convey moments of observation, reflection, conspiracy and connection. 

Filmmaker’s Bio:

Karen Leo is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Jersey City. She has exhibited work at galleries and film festivals internationally including Slamdance, Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville du Paris, and A.I.R Gallery. She is a former amateur boxer and currently a New York City public school visual arts teacher.

The Muffin Man

Filmmaker: Ethan Blum


In this fake-trailer homage to 80s and 90s b-horror, an evil baker unleashes his army of satanic muffins on the local townspeople. Do you really know The Muffin Man?

Filmmaker Bio:

Ethan Blum is a Brooklyn based filmmaker who like most of us grew up in his local video store. The Muffin Man is a return to his first love, B-horror, after a long career of directing music videos and making sweet sweet “content.”

Dr. Mettler’s Guide to D.I.Y. Medicine

Filmmakers: Wrong Space Films


Dr. Mettler shows you how to take good care of yourself with these D.I.Y. medical tips!

Filmmakers’ Bio:

Wrong Space Films is an indie production company specializing in broadcasting the finest in ridiculous content to your eye holes and ear caves. With a passion for sci-fi and all things weird, we’re dedicated to spreading our content across the universe in hopes that we may just be the most f****ed up beings around.


Filmmaker: Nick Pletcher


This lamp’s life takes a turn when he comes home to find his wife in a compromising situation…

Filmmaker’s Bio:

Nick Pletcher has been making movies since he was a child. At age 21 he co-founded AVSTRACT as a production company that produces low budget indie films. Nick’s films has gone on to win prestigious awards and international prestige. Nick attend film school at the University of Central Florida and has been working professionally in the video/film production world for since 2015. 


The Fortune Teller

Filmmaker: David Ferino


Things get freaky when a little girl finds an origami fortune teller.

Filmmaker’s Bio:

David began his career as an intern for Martin Scorsese while studying film at NYU. Immediately after graduating he moved to Los Angeles to co-direct and edit Cure For Pain, a feature-length rock doc chronicling the life and music of Morphine’s Mark Sandman. The project was repped by The Gersh Agency and distributed by Cinetic. From the film’s success, he found himself in the world of content creation. Clients include Google, Vice, Red Bull, Proctor & Gamble, and the Chicago Bulls. Since 2012 he’s played a major creative role in over a hundred projects in varied media. He’s worked in 9 different countries.

He also finds writing a bio to be really grating stuff.


Filmmakers: Angel Suarez
An old cyclist sets off on a last journey with an uncertain end…
Filmmaker’s Bio:
High school teacher, family man and passionate about cycling and horror movies. Angel Suarez is in his early 40’s and has an iron will to tell the stories he needs to tell. This is Angel’s first serious project, but hopefully it will not be his last one


 Questions (Or: Peanut Butter)

Filmmaker: Alexandra Warrick


“QUESTIONS” is a film that follows a first date gone terribly, horribly wrong. Our young female protagonist is certain her gentleman squire is the perfect man; he’s cultured, erudite, and…really, really interested in peanut butter? Once the young man’s fixation on the condiment comes to light, things fly a little off the rails.

Filmmaker’s Bio:

Alexandra Warrick is a performer, writer, director, sometimes-model and generally unfunny humorist. In her undergraduate years at Columbia University, she specialized in the study of avant-garde comedy, meme culture, Internet effluvia and bipolarity in film; her criticism on these topics garnered her several academic awards. Additionally, she cut her teeth participating in the university’s foremost sketch comedy group, work that inspires her screenplays to this day. Currently, she’s a perpetual Manhattan straphanger doing what she does best: disappointing people with her antics and waving around broadswords.


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